So this is day 2 of “bike-to-work” week (day 17 of bike month, if you’re counting – and only 13 more days to donate a measly lil $10 to a really great cause, the US Bicycle Route System) and this is also day 2 of me driving my car during “bike-to-work” week.

It ain’t for lack of desire, it’s because I realize now that this is going to take a good deal of planning. There are a few factors:

  • I have a company laptop for which I am responsible
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       I bring the thing to-and-from the job every day and this is so if I’m sick, but can still work from home, it’s there. I’m considering leaving my laptop here at work and just taking whatever remote consequences of that decision as a risk. There are panniers which specially accommodate the need to transport a laptop, but one of my main goals here is to save money – and I found a really great pannier I’d like to get, but it’s not exactly in my budget at this moment.


  • I bring mah lunch. This might be the biggest puzzler – because I really like to bring my lunch to work. It saves money and allows me to really control what I’m eating. On top of that, I generally grab leftovers or assemble a quick salad in the morning before heading out the door. So, is that something I really want to transport with me? Will it travel well? Will it take up too much room? Will I have the time in the morning to prepare my lunch and snacks for the day? These questions are all valid. One idea is that I grocery shop for the week and leave it here at work. A bunch of bananas, a bag of apples, etc. We also have refrigerators here at the job, so I do have storage options. Does anyone out there in Interweb world have a good solution for this? What works for you on the carless-commute?


  • The bus costs money. Not as much money as putting gas in my car, mind you, but I have learned that NJ Transit bus drivers accept cash only (unless you have a bus pass) and they don’t make change. I can save more money if I’m not paying per diem like that. apparently they have a 10-ride ticket in addition to a monthly pass, but I have to get to a ticket counter to make that happen. I’ve located where they are, I just need to get there and ask a couple of questions about zones.


  • Weather, weather everywhere.  Here in the Garden State, we were blessed with beautiful weather all last week. This week, not so much. We certainly don’t have flooding like what so many are seeing down south, but the prospect of getting caught in the rain on my way into work means that I need to have my stuff weather-proof on the AM commute so I have clean and dry work clothes.

So, I’m not quite there yet – but I am getting closer. I didn’t realize there were so many things to coordinate! Tomorrow I have an appointment in the morning, so I “have to” drive, but I’m going to leave my laptop here tonight and bring one bag (a sling/backpack type thing) with a change of clothes in it as practice. I think I’ll stop at the bus ticket counter on my way if I have the time after my appointment.

I want to commute in this week – maybe Thursday.

In other news: I got the spin shoes this week. I can’t wait to try them out this weekend!! I’ll keep you posted.

Question: What lovely, healthful thing are you doing for yourself this week?