Wanted to let you know that I’m down .2 for last week. I could be happier with a bigger loss, but I’m not down on myself at all to be honest. It is what it is.

We did the Trenton Bike Tour on Saturday instead of spin – Mother Nature kindly gave us sunshine for our outing, and it was spectacular. Really beautiful weather. I’ve got a couple snaps that I took during the break at ArtWorks.

I grabbed a couple of things at the store today to leave here at work so I have some lunch and snacks when I start commuting by bike. I’m a little stuck at the moment thinking about whether or not I’ll want to suspend my gym membership if I start doing the car-less commute. I think I should just take it one step at a time, and see where it all takes me.

Lastly, the begging..

I have dropped the team goal for the USBRS fundraiser – now I just need three of ya to donate $10 each. Please, please, please? (I’m lookin’ at you, Dennis!) :) What I gotta do to entice you? Did you find out that New Jersey isn’t participating in the USBRS at this time? Did you really not want to see me in that jersey until you’ve seen some progress pictures of the weight loss?

Seriously though, tell me what I’ve gotta do to get just three of you to slap down a ten-spot? I ain’t to proud to beg.