Please note:
The above headline was caused by a typo which I found enjoyable. It is not at all a reflection on the Subway mega-corp or any of their franchises, nor was it meant to imply anything vermin-related. That is all.

...nom nom nom...

Damn, I love Subway.

I mean, I love Subway.

I love Subway because the store closest to my job has three (count ’em THREE) different kinds of hot peppers; veggie patties (I stay away from luncheon meat as much as possible); wheat bread; spinach instead of just lettuce; and with all the fixin’s, there are about 982,037,216-to-the-tenth-power permutations of variations..

I rarely get it any more because with the bread it’s a little carb-heavy and if I just wanted a salad I’d head over to the local grocery store where they have a mediocre salad bar, but today I chose to “treat” myself based on the fact that I brought no lunch and I’m going to the gym on my way home.

And that’s all I have to say about that.

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