I’ve been in a weird place lately.

While I’ve never really been thrilled about my work situation, it’s taken a pretty sharp decline over the past several months. I’m frustrated, and I think this is me finally acknowledging that I’m using it as an excuse to disregard my health. I’ve also been eating my feelings. Seeking out sugar, when we all know I’m an addict. Not good. Thankfully I’ve donated away a lot of my bigger clothes because if they were here, I might be trying them back on again. Not good at all.

I’m not counting. Not tracking. I don’t know how I can go from being so gung-ho to not caring at all in a matter of days and weeks. What can I do? How do I remind myself that this is what I want AND that I’ve been willing to work for it?

Last thing, minor excuse, is that my back is a little screwed up right now. Probably desk/posture stuff. I have an appointment with a chiropractor tomorrow. Hoping that this helps because I can’t gym or get on the bike if I wanted to right now. Total bummer.

What can I do? What do you do when you’re at the end of your rope? How do you motivate yourself? I’ve been feeling really lost lately and it’s just not okay.

Unrelated: I made home made hot sauce the other night. Jalapenos, habaneros, scotch bonnets, chipotles, garlic, vinegar & water. It can and will blow your face off.

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  • I’m SO with you on the back ache= no work out thing. My motivation is totally crushed when I’m physically not feeling well, and back issues are (in my opinion) the worst because you literally can’t move a finger without your back feeling it. Lately I’ve been getting out for more daytime walks~ like for my lunch hour, or when I have a meeting with someone who is willing to walk with me~ and I’m actually finding that day time walks motivate me more to move in the evening. Yes, sometimes it’s just a “well, I already did a walk today” excuse. Mostly, though, I’m putting in more mile but they are slower. Double bonus- I’m less negative about my job (most days) when I get out for a walk during the day.

    • Cattio

      Back issues are a total bummer! And ironically I think I may have done this to myself with yoga and then carrying heavy duffle bags.

      That’s a good idea Maria! I’ve been reading on my lunch breaks under a tree outside (when the weather has been bice) but I think it would be better for me for several reasons to go for a walk around campus. I’m going to shift that, I think it’ll be helpful.