Warm/hot lemon water is good for the liver. It’s the enzymes. The book I’m reading says it’s a good substitute for your morning coffee. Well, I’m trying…

I’ll be honest, I’m starting to get a little nervous about this whole thing. It started to really settle in last night as I was scanning the ingredients on items at the Whole Foods bar and then on cans of soup in my pantry. This was all in preparation for today’s prefast.

This morning I put my lunch bag in front of the espresso machine (yeah, you heard me) so that I would try to ignore it. Jostling the routine was literally a wake up call, pointing to this grand adventure on which I’m about to embark.

I weighed in today, down 3.2. Yeay!! I normally do this after spin on Saturdays, but I’m skipping class tomorrow. I’ll probably be laying in my bed crying instead lol Juuust kidding. It’s going to be okay, but it was important for me to weigh in prior to the start of this.

Yes, I expect some weight loss as a result, but that’s not why I’m persuing this. This juice-fast is not about calorie restriction, it’s about detoxifying and cleansing my body. I’ve had some minor medical issues lately and I believe it’s my body sending me a message. Will it be challenging? Oh yes. Will it perhaps reveal some things about my relationship with food that I could not see otherwise? I’m sure. Am I afraid for my health and wellness? No. Although it’s a juice fast I will be taking on plenty of nutrients to sustain me through each day, and I will be doing plenty of mental and spiritual work to sustain me emotionally.

I am also blessed to have a wonderfully loving, patient, kind and understanding partner at home. We’ve communicated about what I’m doing, what she can expect, and how she can help (i.e. warn me when she is going to cook so I can take a bath or go for a walk).

I’ve gone through my list, checked it twice… I went shopping and surveying last night so I can be prepared when I go back to the store today. I need to get most of my fresh produce tonight. Sidenote: in one of my dreams last night, I purchased over $500 worth of apples.. let’s hope not, mmkay?

I’m not sure what my needs are going to be for connection yet. I know I’m going to a good deal of journaling, but there is a very good chance I may not post until I come out of it in a few days. Also, I have no intention of trying to use MyFitnessPal for the next few days, maybe even up to a week. Just putting it out there digitally so I don’t feel guilty later.

Okay, so now I go vegan and gluten-free just in time for free-bagel-Friday.

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