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iPad crapped out halfway through the cardio workout, which I do feel like is an issue on my end, not the Digifit app. Lost HRM sensor connection in the beginning of the sit-up routine. I really wish the system would just reconnect automatically. I will write to the support folks about that.

Heartcharts 1 & 2 above were a 45min cardio workout on the Cybex 750a, with interval training in the final 15 minutes. 3 @ 1min on, 1min off, then 7 @ 1min on, 30sec off.

Heartchart 3 was all sit-ups – 200 total, all bench work was at 5* incline – 50 standard on the bench w/ 6lb medicine ball, 50 core twists on the bench with 6lb medicine ball. 3×10 leg lifts on the bench, alternated with 3×10 scissor lifts on the bench. Capped off with 2×20 bicycle crunches on the mat.

Heartchart 4 was back strengthening to try and balance the an work I’ve been doing. Reverse sit-ups, 5×10@10lb plate, back extensions (machine) 3×10@105lbs, 2×10@115lbs. Finally, glutes (machine) 3x10ea@70lbs.

In other new, I met my I Lost It At PEAC coach today – wasn’t a formal meeting, but I chatted with her for a few minutes about scheduling and what I can expect, how we weigh-in, etc. Basically I can keep my post-spin weigh in routine, I just have to do it at the gym and have someone at the front desk come with me to record my weight. She also told me that she focuses a lot on nutrition and uses MyFitnessPal which is all really great! So I have a team meeting this Thursday evening, and then since I can’t make that time regularly due to my schedule, I’ll meet with her for a little one-on-one chat early Monday mornings. I’m super psyched!

I really feel like this is exactly where I need to be.



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