Riding makes me feel connected – not just connected to myself, but my community and the greater world around me. Riding is when I feel most in touch with the Universe and all the wonderful things in creation. It’s an experience, it’s presence and it’s my preferred form of worship.

Nice ride today. Took the Church Road loop – a route that goes out north past the gym and into the hills of Hopewell around Washington’s Crossing State Park and back south via the D&R Canal Path. 

a ride to remember

18.53 miles

1 hour 24 minutes

28.9 mph max speed

11.3 mph average speed

838 calories burned? that’s what MFP says. Livestrong.com says I burned 963. Both of these numbers seem inflated.

Anywho – I haven’t had a good one like that in a while. Here are a few things I saw along the way:

D&R Canal Path – Devastation

um, this bridge is broken.

no one's going to be parking here for a while..

I almost missed seeing this little guy. Hell, I nearly ran him over!

and I will call him Mikey.

Hope he was heading toward the canal, because I moved him off the path and into the grass near the canal. The canal was really low – I think it’s because they opened up the spillways into the Delaware River to try to keep the flooding away from the homes. I imagined this little guy going on a wild water ride through the spill way and into the river – he’s probably been trying to drag his little shell-home back to the canal for days since. Good thing I saw him in time..

I guess that’s all I’m looking for – a little connection. A chance to see even the small world around me, a ride with enough time to stop, take pictures of the turtles and keep rolling along. Keep moving forward.


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