SPD = Super Pedals, Dammit!

Last night I went to the gym and for the first time, donned the spin shoes. I went to the spin studio, which was empty except for me, and then Emilio (let’s call him Emilio, because he looks like an Emilio) from the gym’s cleaning crew came in and vacuumed, etc while I worked.

Lemmee tell ya, I am hooked on the clipless. It took a minute for me to snap into place and then twist my ankle to get back out again. I practiced this a few times in the beginning and at the end to try to make it more fluid. I think it was definitely a good idea to keep the platform pedals on my actual bike, because I am a little scared of getting stuck in the clips (whatever) and taking a tumble.

As far as the sensation, I absolutely felt the stiff soles transfer more of my power into the cranks – it was like liftoff. I loved the connection to the machine; the feeling of being “locked-in” was amplified by feeling myself pull the pedals up instead of the usual pushing the pedals down.

I felt like Dorothy wearing  magic ruby red slippers.

It was awesome.

I spun for about 35 minutes and I’m definitely looking forward to my next class, whenever that will be. Sunday perhaps because the Trenton Bike Tour is this Saturday!!!

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