That was my first spin class actually my first time at the gym in something like six weeks. It’s hard to bet back the nerve to go once you’ve fallen away from it, but my body has really been missing the work. I haven’t sweat that way in ages.

It’s been a challenge because I *love* riding my bike to work but I’m not getting a kind of calorie burn that I really need to continue to see big results on the scale.. and because the commute-to-work process takes so much time, I just haven’t been able to get to the gym during the week.. This means that I need to make some decisions about my routine – what exactly it means to me and why.

But I can tell you that I really loved today’s spin class, and my body really missed it.

Side note: I’m still having a lot of problems with my left shoulder. This is also impacted I desire to the gym because I love strength training and I pretty much can’t do any of that on just one side of my upper body unless I want to look like Freddy Rodriguez’s character from Lady in the Water. I got a cortisone shot this past week and I have sensed some very slight improvement but there’s still a lot of pain and thus, a lot of work to do here. I think I need some imaging so I know exactly what’s going on in there. I really, really want to lift some weights. Oh, the irony.

So this is my first “official” weigh in for the past two weeks, and after the week that I had at work, I had to say that I’m okay with what the scale tells me this week. I love me, and I’m proud of me no matter what

The scale was favorable. I am down another 1.2 which brings me to whatever the numbers say on the right side of your screen over here.. I have to tell you, I ate two cupcakes on Wednesday. So I’m pretty psyched to have the numbers on the scale be what they are.

After my weigh-in, Ms. Elle*Eye and I went to Trenton to drop off a painting that I decided to submit at the last minute to Art All Night and then we had some yummy diner breakfast, after which I was back here at the homestead mowing the lawn and doing some other butchy, yard-worky things while wearing a cowboy hat.

I was sweaty as WHAT.

Now, I’m clean and ready to witness some lovely public art at an enormous makeshift gallery in the heart of the George Washington’s Crossroads of the Revolution.

Trenton Makes. Art.. Life.. History.. You name it.

Damn, sometimes I really love this place.

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