So apparently someone filled the candy jar on my team leader’s desk with these little morsels.

Everyone loves Reese’s.. and if you don’t.. well, I don’t know what to tell you. The point is that temptation is everywhere. Our society is overflowing with calorie pollution – from fast-food commercials to workplace candy jars. The key, I’m thinking, is knowing how to deal with it. If you’ve been a food addict, it can be a challenge.

Sometimes we have to make choices. And sugar-loading is tough. Here is a rudimentary paraphrase of something I read in Bicycling’s magazine’s Fit Chick, Selene Yeagar’s book, Ride Your Way Lean: Your brain likes simple carbs. Once you start popping simple sugars like sweets or starchy potato chips or pasta, your brain wants more and more. The real reason why you can’t eat just one.

When it comes to a nearby bucket of Pieces, this can be dangerous.

MyFitnessPal tells me that 51 of these little suckers contain 190 cals and 9gr of fat. And I did double-check that against the Hershey’s website just to be sure. Which means that one of these things is about 3.75 calories.

So, I propose a trade. If it’s really important to me to have some of these little sugar bombs, I’ll wait until later in the afternoon and I’ll count them out like E.T. being lured out of the shed in Elliot’s back yard..

Here’s a question: How do you deal with temptation? How do you avoid it?

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