deez are not my feets.

Ahhh, first things first: I have had a busy few weeks, so I haven’t been posting as much as I would like to. But, that’s ok because I’ve still been finding time for the most important things (outside of love and work): gym time and tracking intake. I’m happy to report that Saturday’s post-spin-weigh-in yielded good results! I broke through the weight “decade” on two fronts: 

Down another 2 pounds! :) 9 down, 69 to go!

I want to tell you that this wasn’t really a surprise to me because while I mark an “official” weigh-in on Saturdays, I’ve been obsessed with the scale all week-long. Lisa thinks I’m crazy. She’s doing great with her plan and she weighs once a week. Me? Every morning like a religious ritual finds me pulling out the scale while one of the cats drinks from the bathroom sink.. I tell Lisa that weighing myself daily keeps me on track but honestly, it may be making me a little crazy.

Back in the days when I was succeeding on the WW plan, I used to stick to the once-a-week-weigh-in like glue, and I was pretty good about it. That said, there is still the potential to get a little nutty when it comes to the weekly numbers. I remember them telling me to be consistent – wear clothes that weigh about the same, don’t come in wearing jeans out of the blue because that can inaccurately add to the numbers scale, take off your shoes or leave them on – but do the same thing every week to get the most accurate results. That consistency became a ritual also, from making sure I was wearing cute socks which my toes didn’t poke out from incase someone was peeking, to walking into the meeting and heading right to the bathroom to rid myself of any excess hydration before stepping up to the scale.

Either way, there’s the potential to get a little crazy if you allow yourself to obsess about the wrong things. And the fact of the matter is that unless you’re a professional athlete, your body weight will fluctuate a little from day-to-day. It’s the nature of the human machine – especially if you’re trying to use that machine to burn off excess fat.

So this week, we’re trying something new – and no, I don’t mean the bacon-and-cheddar waffle (yeah, you heard me) I enjoyed at brunch yesterday. This week, I’m just going to keep up the work I’ve been doing, trust myself, and release the outcome.

Call it an experiment in my sanity.

Question: How do you play the numbers game?

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