Photo by Steve Stenzel

First, the good news:

Last night, after a particularly challenging day at work, I ran 3-miles on the indoor track. 37:33 minutes. That’s an average of 12:30 mile, and I’m cool with that. The 2nd mile was a little bit faster, I could feel the longer stride. It felt more natural though my hip flexors are really sore today.

But I appreciate the progress I’ve made with my body – I absolutely feel stronger.. and smaller!

Most of my work clothes are either falling off of me or waaay more roomy than they should be. I’m ready to buy some new clothing but I want to wait until after the trip to invest in business clothes, though I do think it would be nice to treat myself to a couple new items to enjoy on the trip itself. I’ll have to make time for that this weekend as there are only 8 more days until we’re off!! We fly a week from tomorrow, and let me tell you, this vacation cannot come soon enough.


Now, the bad news:

We’re out of Unicorn tea at work!

Now how am I going to get a green-tea-antioxident fix which is actually palatable?!

How could you do this to me?! Oh, the horrrrrrrorrrrrrr!