I joined PlanetFitness today. Haven’t been in a gym in a few months. I cancelled my membership to PEAC in October due to the impending move and travel.

I used to be a member back in my Upstate NY days. I’ve got a special place in my heart for these folks. This was the place where I first got back to the gym years ago. Now the thing that has lured me in is the reciprocal use of their gyms nationwide for “black card” members. I checked the cities we’re headed to after this (we’re in New Mexico right now) and they all have PlanetFitness franchise locations.

I really need this. So out of shape. I’ve noticed my body changing over the past few months – and not in the good ways!! My knees are killing me. My clothes are TIGHT.

We went to White Sands National Monument yesterday and climbed up sand dunes for the purpose of sledding back down them. So totally fun!!! But one hell of a work out going up!

I got on the bike the other day for a spin around this pretty town. Tomorrow I’m checking out a bike path on the Rio Grande. Tomorrow I’m also going to the gym and tracking my food. The travel excuse doesn’t work any more.


Strong. Confident. Fit.

Welcome back.

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