*now made with bits of real unicorn!

Scoop 1: I found one last packet of unicorn tea which I ferreted away in my desk drawer. This makes me happy. 

Scoop 2: Cesar, the breakroom guru, says that more unicorn tea is en route and should be here next week – which means there will be a fresh supply waiting for me when I get back from vacation.

Pile o’ Sunshine: This will likely be my last post before said vacation and I won’t be posting while I’m away. No Facebook either. I’m taking a much-needed break from being on the business-end of a computer or a cell phone.

Yeah, you heard me: Off the grid.

Like camping.

Like I’m in the woods and living off the fat of the land. 

Like it’s 1999.

Like I don’t exist.

So, stay tuned friends for a post promptly upon my return. I’m loving all of your support and will be thinking of you and my goals as I do my best to maintain all this hard work while I’m away.