dingo and poppy at the bike path

Good morning, jungle friends!

I’m happy to report Saturday’s post-spin success at the scale:

Down 4 pounds! I’ve now lost a total of 13 and have 65 to go!

Yes, you heard me. This past week is definitely being counted as a victory in my great big book of life because it is the week that I ate a bacon and cheddar waffle AND lost four pounds. I went to spin on Tuesday and on Saturday, but for scheduling reasons that was the only time I spent at the gym this past week. I will be upping the ante this week. No time to hold back.

In other news, we pulled the bikes out of the shed on Sunday and went for a little leisurely ride along the D&R Canal path. After working the cranks on stationary bikes for the past seven weeks, it felt remarkably wonderful to actually move when pushing down on the pedals.. It felt both fast and invigorating.

It was a little ride, just over 4 miles round trip, but the crisp air was fresh and delicious and left me wanting more.

C’mon Springtime, I’m waiting..

Question: Who else is celebrating a success this week?!

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