Yesterday was good, weighed in 2lbs lighter and went on a group ride with the Princeton Freewheelers, a local cycling club.

I learned about the group 2 years ago when I was shopping for Dingo, but didn’t have 1) the confidence to join 2) my dad had been very I’ll and I didn’t feel like I could responsibly devote the time to make it worth joining (actually the annual membership dues are pretty inexpensive) 3) wasn’t sure exactly which category would fit into – story of my life, sista! – but seriously folks.. I know I’m not an A or B level rider, but I wasn’t sure if I even qualified as a C level rider.. 4) I ride a hybrid, not a road bike. Will other point and laugh? Will I be able to keep up?

Here’s the short version: yes, and I am so gonna join.

They hosted an open ride for newbies yesterday – B & C levels – and I took it as an opportunity to check things out and see what’s up without any commitments. Basically, I loved it. I took the C ride (though I have designs to work my way up to B in the future) and we cruised from The Hamilton/Yardville area out to Imlaystown and back again.

You know what’s specifically cool about that? We actually rode part of the Midway-to-Cape May route!! At a certain point I was like, holy cow, I know where I am! It was great, it boosted my confidence and gave me something to chat with other riders about. You may not know it by this blog, but in real life I’m shy around new people for the first few encounters. But that ride was something cool I could hang my hat on, so to speak.

Here are some quick numbers:

Distance: 23.97 mi
Duration: 2hrs 26min
Average speed: 12mph
Max speed: 27.8 mph

I actually had pretty strong cruising speeds on the flats, which felt amazing. The AVS number above is from the group, not my own computer because I forgot to reset it after my previous ride and the numbers were all musher together. At one point I hit 19-20mph on a flat, but that’s because we had a tailwind. The ride leaders couldn’t believe how strong I was especially given that Dingo is a heavy hybrid.

Felt pretty sweet. All of it. :)

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  • You are one up on me… I’ve never done a group ride or joined a club. If you can take the plunge, so can I.