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Hey folks – reporting my first gain this week: Up .8 lbs. The MyFitnessPal badges to the right –> say I’m still at 25 down, 53 to go.. even with the gain reported.

Eh, it’s okay. I knew it was going to happen. I hit some kind of wall over the past 10-14 days and my head hasn’t really been in this lately. I’m not making excuses – it’s a bad habit to do so. I’m not beating myself up, just accept it and move on.

Every day after spin the instructor has 15-minute ab class and I attended for the first time. My quads may be strong like bull, but my core is really weak. I was proud of myself for staying and participating in that.

Some of you have shared some great tips with me which I will employ this week. I’m going to fight this recent chronic fatigue with trying to get 8 hours of sleep regularly, extra Emergen-C vitamin packets (in addition to mah daily gummies) and test out a super-smoothie or two as an energy boost!

Any other ideas? Keep ’em coming!

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