Don’t ask.

I’m feeling crazy.

Saturday weigh-in, post-90 minute-super-sweetheart-spin, showed dead even with the week before.

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

And frankly I was not surprised with the way my week went – and while I had only one sea salt caramel for Valentine’s day, I did enjoy some delish thai food. Valen-THAI-ne’s Day. Get it? Get it? See what I did there?


I have been feeling a bit blah in fitnessville for the past week. Not even all whoa-is-me, rather just not feelin it at all. Maybe this was the pendulum swinging back after how hard I’ve been pushing the past few weeks? Maybe this was an attempt at self-sabotage? Am I afraid of success? Why would we be afraid of success? It doesn’t even make sense. Maybe if I prove that I can do this (fact: I am doing this. I have been doing this for some time now.) then I’ll have no excuses for other crap I leave undone.

“Starting is easy. Finishing is hard. Finish what you start.”

But the harsh reality is that this will never really be finished. That’s what the journey of life is all about. There’s always something. Always something else to pick up, always another bill to pay, always something to do. We never finish until we transition from this physical life – and I posit that’s all perspective as well. We never finish. We are always in a state of expansion. We are always on the journey. We will always be moving. The idea is to move forward. Move toward something. Stagnation is the enemy. Stagnation decays the spirit.

So I’ve hit some quicksand. Lost traction for a minute and spun my wheels. That’s okay. It’s not over. No reason to surrender the day, the week, this effort. I’m worth more than that.

So let’s keep moving, Catherine. Just re-center yourself and GO. You’ll feel better.

Good talk.

Now let’s get out there and score some points!

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