Ewing township: A place where the leaves of autumn get piled on shoulders of the road in October and then covered with tons of snow and ice in January because the town never collected them.

We had some lovely weather this past weekend – it looks like Mother Nature is trying to get her melt on. And for this, I am thankful. I want to ride my bike something fierce. While I admire those who enjoy riding in all seasons and weather conditions, I am simply not there yet. The riding slows in the fall – not because it’s too cold yet, rather because those piles of leaves on the shoulders feel dangerous. Who wants to have to jut out into traffic to avoid them? Not I. There are enough road hazards like branches and pot-holes, thank you very much.

Then the cold, snow and ice set in, and I get the feeling I should fashion a hybrid bike-toboggan and harness some sled dogs to the front to drag me around the frozen arctic tundra of central New Jersey!! YeHAAAW! But now, especially after 4 weeks of Saturday morning spin class and 6 weeks of playing the side-street snow tango with my neighbors – I am ready for the spring.

Today: I daydream about sunshine and long rides.

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