spin hr 9182014

Well, it’s no #hourrecord with @thejensie, but it was the first time I’ve hit spin class with Digifit in almost a year.

I’ve changed my HR zones slightly since then, not only am I another year older, but I did the math, which showed I should take it down a notch. I got a new Bluetooth enabled chest strap to use with the phone I’ve gotten since then. I was a little disappointed that the Digifit app didn’t seem to change the view from portrait to landscape, but it’s a minor gripe. The app worked perfectly – if not better – than when I used the ANT+ receiver in my old 1st generation iPad. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my HR also transmitted to the little computer on the spin bike itself.

I trained over the top of my max HR for a good portion of the class, but I think it would have been right around where I was a year ago. I find myself only slightly distracted by the display, and focus on not pushing harder once I get to 100% of my max HR. I intentionally held myself back. I think that’s a good thing. Safety first, and all that.

But it was a great spin. Decided to go at the very last minute. I thought all day it was going to be a walk/jog interval in the evening for a workout, but seeing my bike shorts inspired to check the schedule and I just ran out the door. Different instructor, but I recognized her from the Saturday morning class that I’ve been hitting. I enjoyed her music and sweat like WHAT.

It was good. I’m glad I went. I needed it and wanted one last cycling-type workout before this weekend.

I’m going on a bike overnight to Champoeg south of Portland this weekend with a women’s cycling Meet up group. Pretty psyched! It’ll be fun to observe the difference with how I feel this weekend versus camping alone.

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