I’m smart enough to know I haven’t worked for absolutely everything in my life. I’ve been lucky. Blessed with a great foundation: parents who have always supported me – emotionally, and on occasions more often than I care to admit, financially as well.

I have always had genuine appreciation for the work they had to do to provide me with such advantages and assistance. Nothing is free – there’s an exchange of energy and effort for reciprocation of resources or desired outcomes.

But make no mistake, I have worked pretty damn hard. It’s not fair to measure yourself by anyone else’s yardstick. I may not be the pinnacle of human health, of physical fitness, and Fifth Avenue beauty (wait, isn’t the fifth ave a candy bar? Let me think about this one.. Lol)

But I have come pretty far in my life with my physical, emotional and spiritual health, and I am extremely proud of my progress.

Speaking of progress I am down another 2 pounds or so. It’s amazing what kind of outcomes you get when you’re willing to work – to exchange your energy – for them.

I stopped and spoke with my spin instructor this morning about the best way to handle my shoulder issue. I tend to lean pretty hard on the bars when I’m in the saddle, and that kind of thing exasperates the impingement problem.

It’s funny, I’ve been going to spin since January. I wonder if she can see the 40 pounds I’ve lost since then. I should write her a thank you card, because she’s directly responsible for that. I would like to extend to her my gratitude for the attitude (poet!) and energy with which she conducts her class.

“This is a working class,” she said this morning.

Yeah it is. And it’s good stuff.

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