After the ride last weekend Ms. Elle*Eye treated me to a sports massage being given there at the finish for a small donation. I will confess, this was my first professional massage and it was GLOOOORIOUS!

Though it was a whole body deal, I told the therapist that I have chronic shoulder problems including biceps tendonitis which I treated with PT (this time last year, wow, how time flies). This is exasperated by working on a computer all day, terrible posture (she knew I lean on my left shoulder at my desk! can’t hide nothin from body mechanics!) and the bike.

She recommended I strengthen my pecs because that muscle development will force my shoulders back and improve my posture without me thinking about it too much. She said, “think about opposites, if your back hurts, strengthen your core. if your knees hurt, work on your hamstrings. if your shoulders hurt, work on your pecs.”

Thus I started a new pec regimin at the gym. Bench presses, flys, push-ups, and last night I added *gasp* PLANKS to the rotation.

Ho-ly schnikes. Planks are hard, y’all. I barely managed to hold 3 sets for 20-second counts. I’m sure that by the third set my count was a bunch faster than the first set.

I’m confident that this is going to help. In just one week my shoulders have already shown improvement. I need to put a real rotation schedule together to make sure I spread the love out to all of my muscle groups.

Post-cardio, it’s hard for me to focus on what I “should” do next – I need me to spell it out for me.

Good news: my pants are changing again ;0)

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